Who We Are

Crystal Business Equipment was founded in 1992, by father and son team, Alan and Chris Jones. The duo still run the business today and focus their efforts on the education sector. Over their 27 years of trading they have built up a wealth of experience supplying audio visual, I.T. equipment and services in schools and colleges across the United Kingdom.

Our Ethos

Crystal aims to provide teachers and children with classrooms that provide a happy, engaged learning experience. In order to achieve this, we only supply quality products from educationally focused manufacturers. These are deployed by our fully accredited installation engineers and supported by our authorised training teams. This helps teaching staff to deliver the lessons they want, and children realise their potential. We work closely with schools and our partner manufacturers to ensure that the solutions we provide, not only deliver the curriculum flawlessly but also raise standards and improve learning outcomes.

Here to Help

The increased reliance on audio visual & I.T. equipment in education over the past decade means that it is commonly a critical point of failure in the classroom. This inevitably causes classroom downtime, leading to frustrated, underachieving and disengaged pupils & staff. It is vitally important that your relationship with your service provider is one on which you can rely and trust.  We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with our customers and the faith they put in our capabilities. Quality pays, it doesn’t cost. 


Over the past 10 years we have established powerful relationships with the elite manufacturers who concentrate on education-centric products. We are proud to supply and support these products, which have been designed, first and foremost, with the classroom in mind. By focusing on a core set of products we have built up not only an extraordinary level of knowledge, but also access to top tier pricing structures. This means that not only are you receiving unrivalled service, but you can be assured you are paying a fair price.

When you choose Crystal, you can rely on us to provide the right solution to help your school and its pupils shine. With the help of our dedicated manufacturers and our friendly, experienced & professional staff, we can solve your technology challenges. Why not speak to one of our advisors today?